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At Hundle, we are reimagining what modern wealth management can be.

Our firm philosophy is built on three pillars: Integrated Advice, Quality at a Reasonable Price and Independence.


We seek to provide a holistic offering that simplifies complexity and craft 360° client solutions. We recognise that while individual efficiency in financial markets, tax and legal exist, when you bring these together, matters can become overly complex and prone to error. As a firm, we address this by offering our clients access to a multi-disciplinary team, who construct solutions which are sustainable and optimised from an investment, tax, and legal perspective.


Over many years working in wealth management, our team have consistently found that value for money is of upmost importance to every client we have supported. Tailored advice, delivered by technical experts who genuinely care, is highly valuable, but this must always be delivered at a reasonable price. We charge a single and entirely transparent fee, which covers both our investment management and wealth structuring services. Our model allows us to do this, in a way that is equally sustainable for our business, and for our clients.


Serving our clients within a boutique, partner owned and managed business allows us to foster alignment of interest and a genuine long-term mindset. We always sit on the side of our clients and are not subject to the conflicts of interest that frequently exist within larger institutions. Clients always deal directly with the senior members of our firm and our independence has enabled us to cultivate a more entrepreneurial environment than many of our larger peers.

‘We always sit alongside our clients, never opposite them’

Harinder Hundle, Founder